Happy Thanksgiving!

Today has been a lovely day, the first thanksgiving with Lover as a married couple. Just us two, and so much to be thankful for. Food and shelter. I am so thankful for a warm house, clean clothes and food to eat. My children, they are the apple of my eye and my life is […]

It’s been awhile…

Very sad that I realized that it’s been more than 6 months since my last post. Some updates for you… Lover and I had covid. We survived. I’d had round one of the vaccine before I got it, which I attribute to having a less severe case than Lover. He made it through, I made […]


This has been the week from hell. The kind of week where you should get a fucking parade for getting out of bed and going on. My girls. They are beautiful and amazing and I love them more than words. My Lover. He is so supportive and still gives even when he is struggling. My […]

An ode to Future Islands

Most of my life, I’ve lied through my teeth when people ask me if I’m okay. Yep, I’m good. I got it. I’m fine. But really, I wasn’t okay and I couldnt admit it to myself because I was living from crisis to crisis and people depended on me so therefore I must take on […]

Social Isolation

In the past, I would have taken the term social distancing or isolation and thought about those parties I’ve been to where I dont know anyone and dont talk to anyone, just wandering around looking for the person that brought me and feeling incredibly awkward. Now, its socially acceptable introverting. It’s now ok to stay […]

Toilet paper, anyone?

It sneaked up on me, the apocalypse. I’ve been watching the virus since December, when I started reading about a mysterious virus in Wuhan that was spreading fast. I watched the numbers nearly double each day, and I worried. But China is a long ways away from Minnesota and the government there shut things down, […]