My name is Lynn, and I’m an alcoholic. This does not define me, but is as much a part of me as, say, my arm. I struggle with things, I’m human and have a tendency to look for the negative instead of the positive in each day.

In June 2017 I entered an especially dark time in my life. I’m going through a divorce. I have two children, and was sleeping on a couch at my sister’s house until I got through this and found a place to live.

The thought came to me, that if I could find five positive things in each day, I would become a more positive person in general. So I did thirty days of positivity on Facebook, because I had this thought that people would notice if I skipped and it would keep me honest.

It worked.

The weeks that followed were bittersweet. I had some of the best things happen, and some days where it was all I could do to get out of bed. I’m pretty sure I cried 28 out of those thirty days. Sometimes multiple times a day. But I still found good in each day, and ended the day thinking about it. My life is getting harder in some ways and easier in others. My dark days are not past. So I want to continue, whether people read this or not I feel like the internet will keep me honest.

This is the place I will go to memorialize the good I find in the day. Life isn’t always good or positive, but today I’m going to focus on the good in it.

If you’re reading this, I hope you find a little something here to make your day brighter.