Happy Thanksgiving!

Today has been a lovely day, the first thanksgiving with Lover as a married couple. Just us two, and so much to be thankful for. Food and shelter. I am so thankful for a warm house, clean clothes and food to eat. My children, they are the apple of my eye and my life is […]

It’s been awhile…

Very sad that I realized that it’s been more than 6 months since my last post. Some updates for you… Lover and I had covid. We survived. I’d had round one of the vaccine before I got it, which I attribute to having a less severe case than Lover. He made it through, I made […]


This has been the week from hell. The kind of week where you should get a fucking parade for getting out of bed and going on. My girls. They are beautiful and amazing and I love them more than words. My Lover. He is so supportive and still gives even when he is struggling. My […]

An ode to Future Islands

Most of my life, I’ve lied through my teeth when people ask me if I’m okay. Yep, I’m good. I got it. I’m fine. But really, I wasn’t okay and I couldnt admit it to myself because I was living from crisis to crisis and people depended on me so therefore I must take on […]

Toilet paper, anyone?

It sneaked up on me, the apocalypse. I’ve been watching the virus since December, when I started reading about a mysterious virus in Wuhan that was spreading fast. I watched the numbers nearly double each day, and I worried. But China is a long ways away from Minnesota and the government there shut things down, […]

Spilled milk

In my ACA journey, I’ve been realizing how hard I am on myself. I thought I just wasnt living up to basic expectations but in reality I’m just not perfect and I expect myself to be, then fly off the handle at the thought of being criticized. Its impossible to live up to my own […]