Toilet paper, anyone?

It sneaked up on me, the apocalypse.

I’ve been watching the virus since December, when I started reading about a mysterious virus in Wuhan that was spreading fast. I watched the numbers nearly double each day, and I worried. But China is a long ways away from Minnesota and the government there shut things down, it seemed that maybe this thing would go the way of SARS and be a miss for humanity.

I watched it spread, but only a few cases here and there.

We had a vacation coming in early March, and our connecting flight was through Seattle, which was pretty much ground zero for the US. I figured we could be careful and we were, enjoyed our vacation in our insulated bubble and came home to no fucking toilet paper in the stores.


We are now living the dream of working from home with homeschooling kids, and trying to navigate a strange world of staying 6 feet or more away from people at the grocery store.

Also no more AA, ACA or other in person meetings. Those are now on Zoom! (Really wishing I’d had stock on that rn…) I like the option on online meetings. I like seeing the faces of my friends, and it feels nice and connected.

Ive reconnected with some of my family, and the bonus? The memes are priceless.

I’m dying over here. I’m holding some back for the next post. Which all of you will be around to read. Gotta stay positive right? (Just not virus-positive!)


  1. More connected than ever…texting everyone I know and phone calls.
  2. Quality time with my kids. A and J are fantastic little people and have been great so far.
  3. I still have a job, and can work from home. I feel very fortunate.
  4. My neighbors are awesome. We check on each other regularly and they offer me toilet paper even if they only have barely enough. I really feel like I’m seeing humanity’s good through this on a personal level.
  5. Awesome fun times with Lover playing super Mario bros and watching swords and sorcery tv. I love him so much!

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