It’s been awhile…

Very sad that I realized that it’s been more than 6 months since my last post.

Some updates for you…

Lover and I had covid. We survived. I’d had round one of the vaccine before I got it, which I attribute to having a less severe case than Lover. He made it through, I made it through. I still cant smell or taste much but I am hoping it will come back at some point!

I tried out painting, and I like it! Here is some album art I did…(the album is Songs of Life by Mikey B Walzey, check it out on Spotify and You Tube! Additionally, I sing on Havens, which brings me to the next update. I wrote some music in collaboration with Mikey B Walzey! So check that out!

Let’s see..I also started daily yoga. Survived a coparenting nightmare. Which since I didnt write about when it was happening I feel no desire to recap.


Lover and I are planning our wedding! I am so happy and excited for this step in our lives. I am so insanely happy being with him, and really excited for our party to kick off our commitment to each other in front of close friends and family.

I do realize we are still in a pandemic and so we are hosting outdoors, also hoping most if not all the adults will be immunized by then. We are still keeping it small and meaningful. And very happy.

Sending you peace and joy in this spring!

  1. Waking up next to the man I love.
  2. Coffee tastes burned to me now, so been drinking tea and it’s nice to have that gentle cup in the morning.
  3. Eating food that is good for my body, and feeling healthy energy
  4. Having a good day at work today
  5. Being alive and healthy. I know I take that for granted and having been sick I am so grateful for that when I know so many people are sick or having lingering symptoms.

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