Nailed it

When your 3 year old asks for a pig cake (yes a pig cake…no fuckkng idea where she got that from but very clearly and definitely a pig cake) you make a pig cake.

So I found this on pinterest. Looks legit. I can probably do this. Lover is ALL about it, hes gonna help me and it’s going to be fun.

So we made the cake.

Then cut out the shapes.

Note the tool bag…we measured this. With a measuring tape. This is how serious we are.

Then I whip up some frosting. Buckle your seatbelts, shits about to get REAL.

Yes we put bacon on it.

No I’ve never done this before. I can see how that would shock you, considering this masterpiece. No, I am not opening up a bakery so sadly you will all have to attempt your own should you need a cake of this caliber.

But a very cute little three year old loved it.

And Lover and I had the time of our lives making it.


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