On disappointment

It’s been nearly a year since I quit smoking. The anxiety attacks have lessened, and even when I crave a cigarette the appeal isnt what it was.

Also I’ve been saving the mon-ay.

Enough to get Lover and I out on a little weekend trip to Flawridaw.

I was so ready to get out of town when I booked the trip 3 weeks ago, and I wanted white sand beaches and sun and warmth. Everything you cant get in a Minnesota winter.

Sadly you can’t forecast the weather when you book out. I’ve gambled before, and won. This time, it was a cold, wet weekend. Highs in low 60s, and rain. (The sun did peek out about ten minutes before we got to the airport though) I was pretty disappointed, honestly. I had this thing in my mind that I wanted and that was my reward for quitting smoking and Minnesota is cold and blah blah blah.

Did I mention the highs in MN were 4 degrees Fahrenheit while we were gone?

When I remembered that, rainy and 60 was delightful. Lover and I walked and biked around in the rain, and had a blast. We snuggled up in our cozy bnb, ate food from the grocery and relaxed. We walked through an Everglades park in pouring rain and we had so much fun.

I was really close to letting my disappointment in my trip overtake the whole thing, and then I would have missed out on what we did get. Which was a fantastic and unforgettable trip. One that I’m incredibly glad I went on and had the best travel companion for.

  1. I’m on a plane right now and not actually in mn where it is -12 right now
  2. I just spent my weekend in Florida
  3. I have a sandy pocket full of seashells
  4. I just ate a delicious lemon blueberry muffin
  5. I got to go on this trip with Lover. Who has been there through all the madness from the start of the quit smoking adventure and has steadfastly been in my corner, cheering me on. I’m glad you’re in my life, and thank you for all the joy you bring me. Next year we’ll have sun!

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