On being happy

We were reading the al anon daily reflection book Hope For Today, and today the reflection spoke of a woman who was happily married, with a good job and not used to being happy (sound familiar?). She spoke of lying awake at night, worrying her car would break down, etc etc, and how the only way out was to trust her higher power to take care of not just the problems in her life, but also the potential problems.

Interesting concept for the girl going to court in two weeks with a hostile ex, busily imagining every. Possible. Outcome. Including but not limited to the deaths of all those I love.

I have the best life. I have an amazing boyfriend who loves and supports me completely. I have 3 amazing children who bring tears to my eyes with their sweetness and laughter. I have the best place to live that I’ve ever lived, friends who support and love me.

So why am I imagining what could be to stress myself when I could focus on what I have and be happy?

God, I give you my worries, real and imagined. I offer myself to you, please take away my fears and direct my attention to what you would have me be.

Amen. šŸ’—

  1. Got to sleep in today! Lots of extra cuddles with Lover
  2. Lover made me breakfast, it was eggs over easy. They were delicious and I am thankful for his help in the morning. He gets up 2 hours before he needs to, just to help me and the kids get out the door. I love him so much.
  3. My hilarious children, who all hid themselves under my bed to try and scare me when I got out of the shower (it didn’t work)
  4. A day off, to do with as I please! I have so far adulted quite a bit and gotten needed things done
  5. Now i get playtime!

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