Gopher State

I’m currently a resident of a state whose chosen to be known as, the gopher state. I’d like to know who thought the gopher should be the state animal. Not the majestic timber wolf, or some pretty bird or a moose. A flipping gopher.

I don’t have anything against gophers, really. Personally I’ve only seen them on occasion standing in the middle of the road staring at my car as I (gently) slam on the brakes to avoid crushing them on my merry way to wherever I’m going.

They are little. I’ve heard they do damage to farms? Maybe? But they arent impressive. They are rodents. Definitely cuter than a rat or a squirrel but still a rodent.

Gopher State is also what they call the annual conference of Alcoholics Anonymous in MN. (Am I breaking anonymity here?? I’m not using my last name so the traditions are safe right?) I look forward to it, it’s a weekend of round the clock meetings and a chance to see people you maybe havent seen in a few years. Also theres food in hospitality suites, but generally I cant eat it.

Food aside, it’s a great time, and my friends and sponsee will be there. Bonus, they always have great speakers!

  1. It’s a beautiful day. Sunny and perfect 70s on a Saturday.
  2. The coffee was amazing today. Lover talked me into sitting outside the apartment on a bench to drink it, and it was the perfect way to start the morning
  3. My shower felt so good this morning. Perhaps because I needed it badly but still!
  4. Strawberries and Amaranth for breakfast. Yum.
  5. Summer finally arrived in MN. It took longer than normal and it’s going to be cold next week but I’m gonna enjoy it today!

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