An ode to Jill Scott

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus with the writing. I’ll admit, I wasnt being super positive either. I want to do a separate post on court adventures so I wont get into that right now but it was brutal and I’m recovering.

No better way to recover from some abysmal gloom like that than with the smooth smooth voice of Jill Scott. This woman is positivity unbridled.

Also, she sings like an angel.

He Loves Me

This song is soooo good. I’ve been listening on repeat. It’s truly amazing to me to hear a song like that, and to feel that kind of love. To know a love like that. I’ve never felt like that before in my life until Lover came along. I cherish this, and I hope I can always appreciate it, never take it for granted.

  1. Woke up and meditated. Some days meditation doesn’t happen and today I am so grateful for it.
  2. Got myself dressed, and with Lovers help got 3 kids dressed, fed, and out the door with packed lunches. No tears were shed. This also doesn’t happen regularly.
  3. Smoothies. For my breakfast and one for my Lover. So delicious.
  4. I’m grateful I dont smoke today. That I’m still quit after 18 months. I watch people going outside at work on the hour, and I’m happy because I no longer have to do that.
  5. I’m grateful for my little family, that we put together. Seeing A and G playing together, watching J give hugs and kisses to everyone. I feel so full of happiness from that.


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