Some serious shits gone down since last we spoke.

Lover and I made the move happen…we are now in a new apartment. At the time, that caused me an unbelievable amount of stress. I was also feeling alot of old emotional pain…old. Maybe childhood, I dont know.

Then we went to Oregon. It was amazing. So beautiful, and relaxing. We had a great time.

We came back, and I had a hard time of it for a while. I was way out of balance, feeling overwhelmed, in emotional pain, and suddenly I didnt know how to take care of myself. How to unwind or relax.

I ended up creating a schedule for myself that met my needs and things are better.

I feel a bit guilty for not writing during this time. Doing daily positivity would have helped me immensely and I didnt do it until a friend started a daily gratitude text group and included me.

Then I felt way better.

And I remembered this space…my positively positive space to be in pain and still find all the positives in my life.

Its beautiful, and I’m still here.

1. Morning meditation…

2. Hot shower

3. Sweet sweet coffee

4. Waking up with Lover in the morning

5. Seeing my girls this evening.

Bonus round….Lover has a muscle injury, and has to ice his groin. Instead of getting upset about him having a cold lap, I reminded him the cold is good for his “production zone”. Positivity all around!

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