Feels good

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From: Lynn

To: Lover

Sent: Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 2:06:35 PM CST

Subject: RE: article

I realized this morning, as things started snowballing with the medical appointment that I felt very unimportant, they had multiple system failures that resulted
in 1) my not getting tested in time for my appointment and 2) more appointments/time was needed which is disruptive to my life. And I felt very very angry about this. I have been left out and forgotten about many time in my life. (completely and with no explanation
left out of junior yearbook, lost in the systems and made to wait for hours at multiple medical appointments…it goes on) I felt a rage over this today…I don’t like it and don’t want it.

I feel tired and anxious and fearful.

I feel missing AA for two weeks pretty acutely right now.

I’m pretty frustrated with J.

I feel uncomfortably overweight. I DO feel attractive, you let me know very well in a good way how much you appreciate me but I don’t feel healthy.

now, for the second part…


I Feel good about tanning the other night…that helped with the sun depression I’ve had for a few weeks.

I ate a salad and didn’t finish it today, so that will help on the way to a healthier Lynn.

I’m looking forward to eating delicious fish and vegetables and fruit with my Lover this week, and I am happy and grateful for his presence in my life. I’m grateful
for God…that things seem to fall into place as they should when they should.

I am appreciating that I am aware of some of the past grievances I hold, so I can do inventory and be rid of them.

I’m grateful for A, she is such a beautiful wonderful joy to me right now.


NA Just For Today

Take a deep breath and talk to God

“Sometimes when we pray, a remarkable thing happens: We find the means, ways, and energies to perform tasks far

beyond our capacities.” Basic Text p. 44

Coping successfully with life’s minor annoyances and frustrations is sometimes the most difficult skill we have to learn

in recovery. We are faced with small inconveniences daily. From untangling the knots in our children’s shoelaces to

standing in line at the market, our days are filled with minor difficulties that we must somehow deal with.

If we’re not careful, we may find ourselves dealing with these difficulties by bullying our way through each problem or

grinding our teeth while giving ourselves a stern lecture about how we should handle them. These are extreme

examples of poor coping skills, but even if we’re not this bad there’s probably room for improvement.

Each time life presents us with another little setback to our daily plans, we can simply take a deep breath and talk to

the God of our understanding. Knowing we can draw patience, tolerance, or whatever we need from that Power, we

find ourselves coping better and smiling more often.

Just for today: I will take a deep breath and talk to my God whenever I feel frustrated.

You are reading from the book Touchstones.

When you can’t stand criticism you learn to be a perfectionist. –Anonymous

It’s human to make mistakes and to feel incomplete. Perhaps if we were all smooth plastic printouts we could expect

perfection of ourselves. Each man is actually a process. We are not things, but events — happenings–and the events

are still unfolding. These are our creative spiritual adventures.

We have somehow learned that openness to criticism is dangerous. Perhaps we thought someone would not like us if

we were wrong, or that we would get hurt or belittled. When we live with a relationship to our Higher Power, we can

stand up for ourselves. A man has a right to make some mistakes! We grow more if we allow ourselves the leeway of

simply being in process.

I will not ask to have the power of perfection. I will only ask that I not be alone in the process of living my life.


From: Lover

Sent: Wednesday, January 2, 2019 1:36 PM

To: Lynn

Subject: Re: article

I don’t know exactly… I think I want 2 things. I want a lengthy email about what’s on your mind that you’re feeling spiritual angst over followed by some words of inspiration,
maybe including a quote of some kind.


On Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 1:28:51 Lynn wrote:

What do you need?



From: Lover

Sent: Wednesday, January 2, 2019 1:28 PM

To: Lynn

Subject: Re: article

Okay… hey will you do me a favord


On Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 1:21:02 PM CST, , Lynn wrote:

Me too. Spiritual angst…

I’ve decided I need a meeting tonight. If I go to the alanon meeting I want to stay for 8pm


From: Lover

Sent: Wednesday, January 2, 2019 1:17 PM

To: Lynn

Subject: Re: article

Sounds good, some healthy food will do me good. I’m not feeling well at all, not sure what’s going on. Feel as though my spirit has been zapped. I feel a weakness of soul.


On Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 12:16:43 PM CST, Lynn wrote:

In all seriousness…I wanna go to K Town tonight and pick up fish and veggies and fruit.


From: Lover

Sent: Wednesday, January 2, 2019 12:03 PM

To: Lynn

Subject: Re: article

Sure, as long as you can find a store that sells Paleolithic bacon… or sells insects that somehow taste good


On Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 11:07:40 AM CST,  Lynn wrote:

Fascinating…wanna go paleo? 😉


From: Lover

Sent: Wednesday, January 2, 2019 9:42 AM

To: Lynn

Subject: article


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