Let it begin with me

“When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help I want the hand of AA and AlAnon always to be there. And let it begin with me.”

I dont think the meaning of this was intended to apply to a car break in, but that’s what I’m going with today. Although I’m using the term “break in” loosely. I left my car unlocked last night, and a person then entered my car, took everything out of everything including the contents of A’s backpack (they stole her $2 in change, her Canadian dollar and ate the can of Pringles that she was saving for a snack). Also the car reeked like roll up cigarettes and body odor so I’m not convinced they didnt sleep in there.

Fortunately, I keep nothing of value in my car, so the only items the person took were two 1$ Walmart camping knives. Useful things, but not irreplaceable.

I’m finding myself feeling sorry for this person. Who were they? Desperate enough to rob a 1st grader and sleep in a stranger’s car. They checked everything, every compartment was opened. The pringles were eaten, some scattered on the floor next to all the pictures my daughters draw for me and old oil change receipts. I kind of want to thank them, when I cleaned my car out today I got rid of so much crap that I didnt know was in there until this person unearthed it. And I’m not a slobby car person, I keep it relatively neat. Do they have enough food? Why are they struggling?

I feel pretty privileged right now. I have a great place to live in a wonderful apartment. My Lover and I have great jobs. Our children are well fed and have a safe clean place to sleep. There is love in our home. My kids will not have to grow up like I did, in a hoarder house with the effects of my grandparents alcoholism poisoning us.

I hope my car provided the safety and shelter this person needed last night. I won’t leave my car unlocked again, but I’m glad it helped for a night.

  1. A day off! We slept in, ate a delicious breakfast and got out the door to take A to school at a reasonable time.
  2. Taking care of business…got the car vacuumed, hit the bank, oil change
  3. Hanging out with J and getting some extra mommy time in with her
  4. Lunch with J and Lover at his office. I brought sandwiches and it was really wonderful to see him during the workday
  5. Camping with Hannah! The annual camping trip commenced

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