Just thought I’d share with you all, that after blood, sweat, and tears I have completed my math course.

So many tears.

But I got an A! Thanks to Lover’s love, support and tutoring skills I learned things, and came out the other side. I may actually enjoy math too.

If you havent followed along, this is huge for me. I struggled with math all through high school. Every year I got left behind and so frustrated and angry. I carried alot of resentment towards math.

It has been a looming threat since I started taking classes that at some point, math would have to happen. And it all lined up last year- I felt strongly that God was pointing me to take this class. I was so afraid.

Here I am now. On the other side and while I know I cried and banged my head literally on the kitchen table I feel astonished that it’s over, and I got an A. So much fear held me back. Fear that kept me from doing something I was afraid I wasnt capable of. I am so proud of myself for doing it. For giving myself the chance to fail and facing that fear. I feel like I am capable of so much more now. I kind of want to find my limits.

  1. Obviously, getting an A! In MATH!
  2. Scrambled eggs with some salsa for breakfast
  3. Playing piano on my lunch break.
  4. Seeing my girls after they’ve been at their dads. So good.
  5. Going home soon and will see Lover when he gets home.

One thought on “Math

  1. Congrats on the A!! I looked for you last night at kickball but you must have been on the other field. 😦

    How many classes do you have left? Was this the only math class?


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