My back hurts. But in a good way. I think?

I’ve been a-walkin. Got 6 miles in on Sunday with a 2 1/2 hour jaunt Lover and I did on an attempt to walk to the store for vanilla ice cream that turned into walking to a different store further away and buying puzzles and caramel ice cream. (It all worked out)

I’ve also been walking on all my lunch breaks and trying to not eat sugar. I’m positively murderous today. (Well, I was until I went to someone else’s office at work and raided the candy dish, effectively erasing the good the walk did.)

Anyway, the ache in my lower back from doing daily mile walks in flip flops (it’s hot out) feels good. Because its exercise. It’s getting out of the office and breathing in fresh air and sunlight.


I’m still following the Kilauea eruption closely. Sadly, no more media calls for me, but emailed updates today let me know the lava has crossed into the park Lover and I went to for the warm springs/tidepools. I think they’re actually gone. Like wiped off the planet. It’s a strange feeling. The entire geographic map of that part of the island will now be different. Kapoho Bay is now in a different shape because lava is creating new land mass. (USGS highly recommends not walking on it yet as it is highly unstable)

Nature is powerful, and mesmerizing in its beauty.

1. Coffee.

2. Lunch that I stole from Lover. (I’m sorry!) Delicious grilled chicken and zucchini left over from last night.

3. Summer. Warmth. Sun! Finally this is a place I like to be once more.

4. Lilacs are still blooming, and smell so good

5. I have a job. Still the same one I’ve been working, but I just need to take a moment and appreciate that I have a job when other people are out of work and express a little gratitude.

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