Day 97

Tonight has been epic. Let me just describe how this has gone. 

Started out by leaving work early to pick up A for a doctor appointment. I left 20 minutes before school lets out, and it’s a ten minute drive.

I get there, and I’m late. Early by my thoughts but apparently school let out ten minutes earlier than I thought it did and my poor A was sad and confused, standing in the wrong area of pickup which would have put her on a bus to some daycare. Crisis averted though! Mommy found her in time. So off to our appointment, 20 minutes away.

We’re having a great time by my standards. Listening to the Amazon playlist she picked out, she’s telling me about school, life is good. Get to the clinic 15 minutes early, things are moving the right direction! Except…we went to the wrong clinic. There’s another clinic in the same city where the appointment is. Ok. Had I checked the calendar appointment on my phone I would have known this…but…we are early so just enough time to hop in the car and off we go.

Get to the clinic. Check in, not a minute to spare. However…now A has to use the bathroom IMMEDIATELY like a 5 year old does and they need a urine sample. The receptionist lets me back and we get it done. We see the doctor, and oops. The sample is no good. Back to the bathroom 3 dixie cups and a water drinking contest later and she doesn’t have to go. Ok. We’re going to take sample cups to go and no big deal. Off to pick up J.

Pick up J. Haven’t gotten far, when A has to go AND MOM IT CAN’T WAIT so gas station bathroom. With a toddler in tow. Get the sample, so ok, now we’ll just drop it off on the way home, nbd. 

Get back to the first clinic we stopped at, and I grab the bag with the cup just in time for it to leak all over my lap. The lid wasn’t all the way on. Thank God it didn’t drip on the seats. So I’m wiping myself off as best I can with the alcohol towlettes left over when A has to go again. Awesome! Perfect timing. Back into the clinic we go. But it’s urgent. And the receptionist is busy. A is threatening an accident, so I flag a nurse. It’s apparent she doesn’t understand the full story but 5 year old and accident in the same sentence usually gets you access to bathrooms anywhere and this is no exception. 

Provide our third sample of the day. Now labs want to figure out who we are and if there is indeed an order for this sample. Provide information. We wait. By that I mean, I wait while trying to keep screaming running children from jumping on and off the waiting room couches and running into the xray room. And out of the lab. And out of the bathroom. And from fighting each other. And from taking the coat rack and using it as a spear. While I’m covered in pee. Lab comes back, need me to rewrite the information. More waiting. More running shrieking children. Lab comes back, we’re good! Time to finally go home.

This all took place in three hours. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, why is this on the positivity blog? This doesn’t seem positive. Well, normal me would have lost my temper at least once in all this. Stress, children not listening, PEE ON MY PANTS. But, I didn’t. Not once. We got home, and everything was fine. The kids ate, I did laundry, bathed the kids. And it’s been a great night. Im exhausted, and hungry and have the sniffles but I’m happy we got it all done and no one died or even got yelled at. I’m even wearing clean pants!

1. Got to wake up and meditate, eat breakfast and watch the news. Plus, early to work!

2. Cake. Lovely, lovely cake at work.

3. My dad met me for lunch. I haven’t always had the best relationship with my dad and it makes me appreciate how close we are so much more now. I’m so happy and blessed to have him around.

4. Got enough quarters to do all the laundry. This is serious business. I feel like there’s never enough and I always have like 2 one dollar bills and one quarter short but I got it all done.

5. Some bone broth and herbal tea to cap off the night. 

Life is good today. Not easy, but good.

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