Day 95

I’m sick…went from just exhausted to exhausted+sore throat+lungs hurt. Plus kids = tired tired Lynn. However, a very kind and thoughtful person brought me two kinds of bone broth, two soups, and herbal tea, so hopefully I’ll kick this quickly!

1. Sleeping in after calling in sick to work. Cuddles and snuggles make feeling bad, not so bad.

2. The broth and tea. There’s nothing like it when you’re feeling crappy.

3. I got a new oven today! Haven’t tested it out yet, because, sick but I’m looking forward to it immensely.

4. Watched a ton of tv. Which is normally a bad thing but it was nice that it was available when I couldn’t get off the couch.

5. Doing A’s homework with her. 

And an amazing sunset. A took the first picture, I took the second. She’s pretty good at photography.

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