By the Moonlight

“Did you get the song I sent you?” I asked.

“Yeah. So I’m on your mind, am I?”


“So you have feelings for me?”

“Yes” I responded uncomfortably. A moment passed. Another conversation started. I broke in. “Is it returned?”

“Is what?”

“The feelings. Are they returned?” My voice cracked. I’m terrified of the response. 


” What do you mean, are they returned? Of course they are. How do you not see it?”

“I don’t know! I guess I was trying not to read into anything.” 

A couple hours later, he calls me back. He says his mind is on fire. It’s bothering him that I didn’t know he had feelings for me. He comes over. My children are sleeping, so I meet him outside. We hold each other for a little while.

“So, you know what I think?”

“What?” I ask dreamily

“I think you’re falling in love with me.”

I’m shocked. I stop, and twist up to look at him. “That’s not fair!” I sputter. 

” Is it true? He asks with a little smile. He starts backing me up towards my car while holding me.

“Yes” I say reluctantly. I’m backed up against my car. He’s kissing me. I pull back.

“Do you feel the same way? You just left me hanging here. I feel incredibly vulnerable right now.” I’m upset. I feel more vulnerable with him than I’ve ever felt before. I just admitted something I was only aware of a few days before and he just called me out and gave me nothing in return. 

He sighs. “I’ve been falling in love with you for a long time.”

Relief, then emotion floods through. We’re kissing, and then moving across the grass. The moon is full, and he lifts me and we’re laughing and kissing and dancing through the yard. At some point we stop, he’s behind me with his arms around me, and we’re looking at the moon.

“I feel like I’m still falling. Like I’ve been falling for some time and I don’t know how far or deep this is going to go.” I say.

“Me too.” He responds. We stand there for a while. Just experiencing the whole of it.

At some point he leaves. Neither of us want to part, but he can’t stay the night. I feel like I’m in a dream. I lie awake for hours thinking about every detail. Did this really happen? Could I have imagined the whole thing?

The next morning, I see two sets of footprints all over the grass. ♡

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