Day 92

Something feels off. I’m not sure what it is, either. I haven’t tenth stepped in months, which isn’t good. I still have yet to go over some 8 and 9th steps with my sponsor. But I don’t think that’s it. I’m in a weird place, and feel very tense and on edge when I have no reason to feel that way.

I’m pretty sure writing out some tenth step will knock it out. So my plan is to do some writing. See what comes out.

1. Hey mommy, guess what?


I looove yoouuuu

2. A day off work. Daycare was closed so I spent the day at home with A and J. Well, A was at school for most of it. But I got her earlier than I normally would have on a work day and we got to spend more time together.

3. Homemade pizza for dinner

4. A walk to the park with the kids. 

5. Early bed for all.

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