Day 91

There are many aspects of parenting I enjoy. Braiding my daughter’s wet hair while she snuggles on my lap. That moment when the toddler says the “please” I’ve been working on her with for weeks. Those are the ones I live for.

There are also the moments when I’m tearing the place apart looking for the hair scissors I put where little hands couldn’t reach them in a place so good even I can’t find them. (Where in the fucking fuck did I put those things?)

I realized tonight after my fruitless search that I need to get rid of some things.

I looked in all the places that I would normally keep such things, and found items I haven’t used or touched in God knows how long. But I *might* use or want them someday, so I keep them. Like the cake pop lotion that smells like vanilla cake so strongly it gives me a headache. Or all the perfumes I don’t wear. The eyeshadow I got 2 or 3 years ago that I haven’t worn since.

I’m rambling. Bottom line, I just need to get rid of some crap. Then I might (or might not) find things when I need them.

1. I slept in. I wasn’t supposed to do that, but it was warm and snuggly in my bed. I didn’t shower or get breakfast before I left but it was kinda worth it today.

2. I found a hairbrush I tore up the place looking for earlier.

3. An extremely cute toddler said please when asking for her milk.

4. News flash: scissors were located. At my sister’s place.

5. I listened to new music today. No idea who they were and didn’t write it down but it was good.

Made an appointment to donate blood tomorrow. It might be unwise considering my low blood pressure issues but there are over 500 people who were wounded in that Vegas attack who need blood and I think it’s worth the risk. 

Also, this.

2 thoughts on “Day 91

  1. I’m very much with you on the decluttering front. I’ve bought the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo and even though I want to read it, I know that I’ll have to throw stuff away if I do… and, like you, I tend to keep things ‘just in case’!!!


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