Day 93

It’s been a mostly good day today. I’m a disaster getting out the door in the mornings, today I set extra warning alarms on my phone, like “ten minute warning” and “put your shoes on”. I feel more organized, but was still late for work. So I think now I need to assess other areas. Like meditation. That’s sucking up a full half hour with my interruptions instead of the 20 minutes it’s supposed to take. So if I’m not awake at the time I need to be awake, I probably shouldn’t do it, or do a shortened version. 

Also going to kick the warning alarms back 5 minutes each. I think those were helpful. Just need 5 more minutes to rush around at shoe time. 

Last night before bed, I decided to practice piano on the keyboard. But I ended up not practicing. I started messing around with trying to record a melody in my head, then couldn’t make the keyboard do what I wanted and got frustrated. So I’m glad, there’s still music in me that wants to come out. But I’m upset that I’m not capable like I was when I used to do it. I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. And I know I’m going to be super basic for a while. This also aggravates me. I have false ideas about where I should be and it’s hard to be where I am when I’m expecting…I don’t know…more? I just gotta get that out of my head and I’ll be fine. You don’t get good overnight. It takes practice. Also time.

1. A good day at work.

2. A new favorite song. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Deadly Valentine. 

3. Reading time with my girls.

4. My horrific stomach pain from yesterday is mostly gone. 

5. Snuggles with warm clean A and the movie Sing. A good way to spend a rainy night.

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