Day 83

Today has been a good day. Not really anything specific to point at, but a culmination of good, if you will.

I got kind of excited, there was pop rocks for sale at the register when I was at the store. Impulse buy. I hurriedly opened up a pack at my desk, and had just poured some down the hatch when I got curious about what makes them pop. Second ingredient- milk. Shit. So then I’m spitting everything into the trash as fast as I can, rinsing my mouth with water and cursing myself internally for not keeping Listerine in my drawer like I used to. I think I’ll be fine. I didn’t swallow any. But still…since when do pop rocks have milk in them?

1. Was told by three different people I looked super cute today. That was nice to hear. I sometimes question my fashion choices but apparently today boots+dress worked nicely!

2. Got to go through wigs today. My coworker thought he might have something for my upcoming costume needs. Sadly, none of them were what I needed but it was fun. I tried on a few. Don’t think I’ll be going with Beatles hair or an orange dye job anytime soon. No pictures. I’m sorry. I’ll do better next time.

3. Gave flowers as a thank you for a coworker. She wasn’t expecting them, and it was fun to see her reaction. Totally a warm fuzzies moment.

4. Got my ads kicked in PiYo class. I liked it though. I’ll be back.

5. My meeting was really good. We were on step 3, and the speaker got right up in the selfishness part of the big book. My small group was really spiritual too. I felt really good about it all.

Side note, I forgot to bring clean underwear and deodorant to my class. So I had to go straight from my cold shower at the class to my meeting, commando in a dress. Then, my heel broke on my boot while I’m leading the meeting. So, there I am, standing in front of a hundred or so people, some of whom are sitting on the floor right next to me, no underwear, wearing a dress, and trying to balance on one foot so I didn’t fall down and moon the whole group. To my knowledge, no one saw anything they shouldn’t have and I didn’t fall. Win for everyone!

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