Day 84

For some reason, Atmosphere, Like Today song is coming to my mind when I think of this morning. 

Woke up, got up round 11’oclock

Butt naked except, I was wearing my socks

And that’s cool ’cause most of the time this floor is cold

Stand up and stretch, look around this mess

I certainly woke up much earlier than 11 and not naked. Or wearing socks, for that matter. But the mess part is true.


1. A little Wolf Alice to start the day on the right note…first song I heard in the car this morning. Followed by Across the Universe by The Beatles, and then the Postal Service with Such Great Heights. Maaaan… made it even better when I was texted by someone that they were also listening to the same songs. Love Such Great Heights. It reminds me of a time long gone while also making me want to climb a tree with someone. 

I feel like climbing a tree now. 

2. Listened to Barbara Walters you tube interviews while working this morning. Fascinating. Also made the morning fly by.

3. Listened to Atmosphere Lucy Ford album while making dinner. When i was thinking of Like Today, I felt like listening to it. I forget how good this album is, probably the best Atmosphere ever did. The song, If I Was Santa Claus was my absolute favorite in high school. For a long time, that was my ideal of love. Or, Don’t Ever Fucking Question That. Now I’m older, I have different ideas of love. I don’t want to rescue anyone like I used to, or solve their problems for them. Or rather, I stop myself from trying to. (Al Anon was huge on this) I don’t want to be rescued either. I want a partner in crime. To bring out the best in the man who brings out the best in me. If I Was Santa Claus made me a little sad listening to it, but in a good way. I’ve grown. And those are still some amazing songs.

4. Came home to a clean sink with no dishes in it. I promptly filled it with prep dishes but it was soooo nice to start out fresh! (Note, they’re mostly all clean again)

5. Made homemade pizza from scratch tonight. Ugh. So full, and in a good way. 

I started my day with snuggles and music. My apartment smells like spices and pizza, I have happy children and my heart is so full. Life is so good today.

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