Day 82

1.  Leftover soup for lunch. Mmmmmm……..

2. A’s dance night. I love watching her. I didn’t get to see much tonight because I was chasing J around but seeing her do something she loves means the world to me. Got to talking to one of the other dance mom’s. She’s a stay at home mother of 4, her oldest is 7. 4 kids under 7 and she’s sane. I’m in awe. This woman is a warrior. 

3. A delicious dinner of carrots and hummus eaten while feeding a toddler a sandwich at dance. I’m rather proud of myself. 

4. Looked at pictures with A after J went to bed. It was special…I think she needed it. To see and remember all the zoo trips and holidays. 

5. Smooth parenting night. God I needed that. I think the girls needed it too. ❤

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