Day 67

Ever notice that people in general, have a whole lot of opinions on what you should or shouldn’t do? 

I had a conversation with my sister today that really brought this to my attention today. And she has the right to her opinions I guess. It really comes down to me, that what’s right for one person, or another depends on that person and the situation they’re in. I try to understand what the situation is with each person and not tell people what to do but I can be just as guilty when it comes to telling people what I think is best for them. This is something I’m working on. Offering suggestions when people look for advice and not get bent when they don’t take it. Because maybe it’s bad advice, maybe I don’t know the situation fully, or the other people involved. 

It hurt to hear the things she said, but she also tried to talk me into staying in my marriage before I left it so I am trying to keep it all in perspective. I don’t include her in all the things that go on in my life so it’s natural she would maybe make assumptions about that and other things because she doesn’t know the full story. 

I’m taking this as a lesson to watch my own behavior going forward. It wouldn’t bother me that she doesn’t know the full story if I didn’t make assumptions of my own about other people from time to time. Or try to tell people what to do, because it doesn’t work anyway. I’ve never done what I was told unless I was broken to the point where I was willing to do anything to not feel the way I did. I can’t expect anyone to do what I say or suggest either.

Right now I feel like I’m going with the flow of life, not struggling against it for the first time. I’m letting things happen as they will, not projecting how I think they should be or forcing things to go where I think they should go. It feels good, and I’m peaceful about it. 

1. The Dead South, In Hell I’ll be in Good Company. I discovered this today, and it’s my song of the day. I can’t understand most of the lyrics so it could be Satan worshipping for all I know. It’s catchy and I like the outfits.

Edit: I listened to the lyrics. Well, what I could understand, anyway. Great Caesars ghost. I can’t tell if he’s killing his wife or she’s killing him. Um….yeah. So…new song. We are going with  The Speakeasy Three, When I get low I get High

2. Work potluck. I can’t eat most of the food and this is good because I think I’d eat it all and regret my life choices. 

3. Keys for my new apartment! Moving this weekend. I’m scared shitless but I know this is going to work out. I’m glad I got the keys today, because now it’s confirmed I have no dishwasher (must get used to hand washes again), mailbox won’t latch and my appliances don’t work. Maintenance will be busy hahaha.

4. Meeting night. I love seeing my AA family. It gives me the warm fuzzies.

5. Music in the car. I can sing as loud as I want to. ❤

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