Day 68

Getting nervous about moving logistics. Ok, who am I kidding…ive been nervous since before I signed a lease but now I’m panicking a little. Mostly about how I’m going to transport my children while driving a uhaul. That has no backseat.

1. I felt pretty energized all day, right up til now. That was pretty awesome.

2. I got to hold a baby today. My bosses daughter came to visit with her teensy 2 month old baby. She was perfect. And, I passed her off right before she blew a load right through her cute little onesie. Hahaha.

3. Met A’s kindergarten teacher, who is very nice. And as a bonus, A’s cousin is in the same class. I’m pretty happy about that. 

4. A bar of Rosemary Lavender soap in my car. Yes, usually we want it out of our car in the shower where we can use it, but I’m not in my new place yet and it’s making my car smell pretty. 

5. Early bed for all of us tonight. Both kids are in their beds early and I’m about to snuggle into the couch for maybe the last time before it’s a sleeping bag on the floor of the new apartment. At least until my mattress arrives. I’m exhausted and tomorrow will be a day of packing and chasing little people. 

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