Day 90 My cat has fleas and I might have pinkeye edition

But let’s not let the little things get us down! I’m kinda SOL on the pinkeye since I’m allergic to the pinkeye medications out there but I went and got a flea treatment and defogger for the apartment and hopefully that does ‘er for that. So far, I haven’t actually seen any fleas, just evidence of them so I’m hopeful it won’t be a big deal. And I may not even have pinkeye! I’m praying that it’s paranoia since my sister just had it.

1. J got up at 5am, and I got her back to sleep for two hours. Yesssss

2. Ordered the kids (and my) Halloween costumes. A mermaid, a lobster, and princess Leia are on their way to my residence and I’ll let you have the fun of figuring out which belongs to whom. 🙂

3. Dance party in the living room with the kids

4. Nachos for dinner by request. They were delicious.

5. A day off tomorrow. Big plans for bombing the apartment and then Netflix. Maybe a yoga class. Had thoughts of making a roast, but I’m going to see how it plays out. 

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