Day 89

My oven broke today. I literally cried. A was playing with the latch, it’s stuck and the door won’t close. So no baking until maintenance comes to fix it.

I keep telling myself it’s no big deal, and going 2-3 days without the oven is fine but I’m in withdrawal. And I wasn’t even home most of the day to bake anyway. Now, it’s dinnertime and 90% of the time I make skillet meals but tonight all I can think of is oven meals.

Funny how that happens.

1. Got my kids for the weekend. Parenting is a struggle. Big time. But I miss them terribly and I’m happy I have them with me.

2. Finally hung the curtain in the girls room that’s been sitting there for two weeks. Yesssss….

3. Made oat almond chocolate bars. Daaaaamn are they good. Who needs an oven? Not this girl.

4. AA picnic…super fun! There was an incident during the meeting involving a toddler running, tripping, and sending a loud bracelet flying across the room towards the speaker. I may have ran out of the room with a scarlet face carrying a laughing J without the bracelet while 50 plus people stared at me. A person may have chased me with it to return it. But there was food, other kids for A to play with, and I think fun was had by all. 

5. Fell asleep early on the couch with A. Like 830pm early. Something about those sleeping angels makes you all tender and less homicidal. It was super sweet.

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