Day 81

I mentioned a few days ago that I *might* have a baking problem.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

I totally have a baking problem.

Yesterday I made candy bars. I didn’t actually bake them though, so does it count? Today…baked some millet bread. And made soup. Delicious ham and lentil soup. Previous attempts at millet bread led to dry loaves. Edible, but dry. Today’s attempt was slightly better. 

God, this soup is good.

1. The cat isn’t dead. I was concerened he might be seriously injured when he acted like a drunk kitty and we had an emergency vet run. But he seems fine now. No idea why he had the issue, but he’s ok and that’s what matters.

2. Lunch with my stylist friend Chelsie. We had tacos. Double win.

3. Got rid of all the empty boxes sitting in the living room. 

4. Homemade soup and fresh bread for dinner. Perfection.

5. Working out costumes for Halloween and a theme party coming up. I love costumes, and I want to go all out. I’m so excited!

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