Day 74

1. Red bull girls showed up at my work and gave me free red bull. Which I left in the fridge at work of course. But heeeey….free red bull!

2. I woke up this morning to the moonlight pouring in. It was beautiful. 

3. Speaking of the moon, I got to watch the full moon outside last night. There is a magic in it, and it was powerful. Things happened. I’m still wondering if it was real.

4. Listened to music all day at work. I caught myself singing a few times. Good thing I’m union and I can’t be fired “at will”. It was good for my soul.

5. Made pizza from scratch tonight. Kids and I demolished the entire thing. I’m kind of surprised it turned out because I didn’t have any daiya mozzarella (of COURSE I find this out when it was time to put the cheese on) but we haven’t had homemade pizza in months. It was so good.

I don’t have much to say today. It was a decent day I think, full of thoughts and working things out in my mind. A will be going to bed soon, and I’ll practice my piano and go to bed early I hope. 

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