Day 75

Things I did today:

  1. Got up to toddler singing at 530 am
  2. Made breakfast
  3. Did dishes 
  4. Attempted meditation while moderating fight over my lap
  5. Ate half my breakfast while feeding the other half to a toddler who had decided mine was better than hers
  6. Moderated 10000 fights
  7. Rescued the plant from imminent death on the floor 
  8. Drank coffee
  9. Fished toddler out of bathroom sink 5x
  10. Caught toddler scooping water out of the cats water dish and drinking it out of her shoe
  11. Fixed toddlers hair, only to have her take it out twice
  12. Fixed kindergarteners hair
  13. Fixed barbies hair
  14. Moderated more fights
  15. Got toddler dressed, only to fish her out of the sink soaking wet 2 minutes later
  16. Caught toddler trying to scoop litter box with a food container (or was that last night?)
  17. Put away kids clean laundry
  18. Filled up kids dirty laundry
  19. Was the recipient of a dozen sweet kindergartener kisses
  20. Snuggled with sweet adoring children for two minutes before meltdown by a frustrated toddler who didn’t like 1 sock.

Did I mention this was before 8 am? 

Starting to wonder if I really want to quit smoking at this particular point in my life.

1. Red curry. Omg. I love red curry. I ate at this Thai place in Minneapolis that had a roasted duck red curry. So good.

2. Got my new bed delivered. Sure, I still need a box spring and a frame but I’m good with a mattress on the floor for now. It’s soooo comfortable. And I got to break out my new sheets and comforter. 

3. Watched a priest nearly hit another car while he was parking at the grocery store. He parked super close to another car, unnecessarily I might add. About 20 seconds after he went into the store, the driver of the car he parked next to came out, and gave the dirtiest looks at the priests car. Multiple times. I almost went over to tell him it was a priest just to see if it would make him more or less pissed. This entertained me greatly.

4. Home baked bread. I finally got to use my bread machine, and made a loaf of Rosemary olive oil bread. So effing delicious. I feel like I’m back in business again with my baking and it feels so good.

5. A surprisingly hilarious and dirty Romeo and Juliet at the theater. It’s been forever since I’ve seen a theater production. I enjoyed it most thoroughly. Mercutio was played by a rather punk looking female and completely stole the show. 

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