Day 72 (Edited)

Things I need to work on:

1. Self care. 

I’m not doing so great on that. I discovered that tonight when I went to my meeting and realized I hadn’t eaten in over 8 hours and was dehydrated and almost fell over in front of a hundred people I was chairing the meeting in front of. Plus, I’m not reading, I didn’t give myself a chance to meditate or even sit down when I got home tonight, it was straight cleaning then off to the races. I’m overtired from not sleeping well last night, and still physically exhausted from 5 days of packing, moving and unpacking.

I found myself about ready to burst into tears before I realized I needed a salt pill and water. Took one, drank the water and snapped up a little but I had no access to food until I got home just now. And I did not eat wisely when I did get home. I’m making it a point to relax some tomorrow after I get J to bed.

Also, even though I’ve thought about having a cigarette frequently, I haven’t smoked. One day at a time.

1. Meditated when I woke up today. That was a good start to my day.

2. Made an egg scramble for breakfast, eggs, peppers, mushrooms, sausage and green onion. I have enough left over for breakfast tomorrow too.

3. Saw A off on her first day of kindergarten. So proud of her. 

4. Tacos for lunch. So good.

5. This.

He then tried to leap into the cabinet but missed and slid down, kind of bounced off the counter and landed on the floor. I then cleared off the fridge so I could shut the doors to prevent such an occurrence from happening again. It will probably happen again. 

I ran into a former person from my drinking days at the meeting tonight. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I’m super happy he’s sober and doing well for himself, but on the other hand I’m not sure how I feel about him being in my home group on the regular. I’m not entirely sure why I’m uncomfortable with it. Musings for another day I think. I need bed. 

EDIT: I removed the term “lover” from the paragraph above. I’ve only had one lover in my life, by the way I think of the term and I won’t cheapen it by referring to a man I had a casual relationship I had in that way.

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