Day 70

Moving completed. 3 days of packing and moving and I just have unpacking and setting up beds to do. Also purchasing of furniture such as a kitchen table and dressers to do. But the worst of it is over. 

1. I met one of my neighbors today, the guy who lives above me with his girlfriend. Super nice, and has kids who are older and seems to be very understanding of my little ones. So nice. I forgot his name immediately after he told me but I’m sure I’ll have another shot at it some other time.

2. Coffee. Omg. Just one day without coffee made me appreciate my coffeemaker so much. I made a gigantic pot and sat out on the steps of the building in the sunshine and enjoyed 

3. Got a kitchen table and chairs. For 21.45. I still owe a dollar and 45 cents. My kitchen looks amazing. I am so happy about this. A wonderful person helped me bring it home and set it up and I’m super grateful for this.

4. I got to hang out with my friend last night, sitting on her back porch and talking for hours. That was so nice. I feel like we got a lot closer and it was fun. 

5. A walk in the woods. It was really nice out for a while and a walk through this nature preserve was just what I needed to decompress from all the moving I’ve done. 

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