Day 64

Happy birthday Mom! I know you don’t read this, and I said this when I saw you earlier but I’m saying it again. 🙂

1. Red lipstick. It feels like that kind of day. And I make it look good…

2. I discovered a new song, Surfacing, by Chapel Club. It’s dark and pretty. It’ll be downloaded to my playlist shortly.

3. Piano practice felt good tonight.

4. Some of my purchases for the new apartment arrived today. I won’t open the box yet, but I’m pretty excited!

5. Quiet alone time right now. I literally hear crickets, and after a day that’s been go go go it’s nice. 

Also I got to eat French fries tonight. From a restaurant. (Most restaurants don’t use canola oil for frying, just vegetable aka soy oil) They were delicious. I won’t do that often, because they are terrible for my health but it was a nice treat. 

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