Day 63

Its a weird day. Started out with a stomach ache, that turned into sharp pain, which faded with Tylenol enabling me to go to work. Once there, I was in a funk for a few hours before something (and I’m not really sure what) made me laugh and I’ve been in a good mood since.

Like I said, weird.

And…you will all be proud of me, I attended al anon tonight. This was loooong overdue. 

It’s been good, overall. 

1. Netflix series, The Defenders. I love Jessica Jones, and this show is much better than I anticipated. Sigourney Weaver is amazing. 

2. Bessie Smith, I need a Little Sugar in my Bowl. Who knew songs like that existed in 1931? Love. It.

3. Pizza from my favorite place tonight. ❤ Warm fuzzies.

4. A good Al Anon meeting.

5. My regular meeting. I was elected trusted servant for the next 3 months. God help us all…

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