Day 62

A word of advice, friends. Never leave your home in the company of small children without eating first. Don’t care if you aren’t hungry. Bring a snack. 

Even if you think it’s a short trip, do this. Trust me. You don’t want to make a snack stop when you’re broke, exhausted on caffeine fumes and keep tiny terrorists out of the candy aisle while you’re hangry. 

1. Discovered The Be Good Tanyas, Waiting Around to Die. Also Jack White’s cover of Wayfaring Stranger is really good.

2. Beef Jerky. Thank God for the person who invented it. I’m pretty sure it saved my life and certainly the lives of my offspring today.

3. Those brownies again. Mmmmm. 

4. Lots of outside time. 

5. My sister. For making me laugh when I was about to lose my shit and cry.

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