A Letter 

April 25th, 2014

Good morning Mom,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help in getting me back to sleep at 3 am. I know that must have been difficult for you to wake up so early.

I’m not sure what time I woke up, but since you always make me breakfast I thought I would help you out and feed myself. I pulled Auntie Sarah’s leftovers out of the fridge, but leftover seafood didn’t seem tasty so I left it out for her. I tried some apples, but each one I took as bite of tasted just like the others. The barbies didn’t like them either so I thought those strawberries in the fridge sounded like a better idea.

I know you and daddy like to put sugar on strawberries, so I thought I would make some for you. I found the sugar on the table in a shaker thing, but when I poured it out it didn’t taste anything like sugar, so I dumped it all over the floor. You’re welcome. After tasting that, I realized I was thirsty, so I grabbed the milk out of the fridge, but you didn’t get the good vanilla kind I like, so I left it out for you and decided to go look in my diaper bag. I brought the strawberries with, since I thought it would be fun to watch infomercials while eating.

I found some juiceboxes in the diaper bag, but I couldn’t get them open. That was when I realized scissors would do the trick. Since you put stuff so high up now, I moved the chair and used it as a ladder. Aren’t I clever? But then I forgot what I was doing when I saw Evelyn’s pencils, and decided those were too sparkly to leave behind. I found the crayon sharpener too, and thought the pencils might need sharpening. That seemed like a great idea until I broke one inside the tube and the only way to get it out was to bang it on the floor. That was when you appeared.

Thank you for finding the barbies, by the way mommy. I think they got cold in the refrigerator. And I know nothing about that stick of unwrapped butter Auntie Sarah found. That cat of hers is sneaky and probably is trying to blame it on me right now.

Love, A


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