Day 60

Two whole months of positive thinking! Go me! 

It’s amazing to me how much this has changed my outlook on life. In these past 60, I can literally only think of two days where it was difficult to find positive things in my day, and while those two days I stretched really hard I still found things to be happy about. Every day it gets easier to find things to be happy about, even when shitty things happen.

1. Casual Friday. I like to dress nicely for work, but sometimes it’s pretty awesome to throw a hoodie on with some jeans and call it good. Bonus for not doing anything with my hair. I’m sure I looked like an employee of high value and knowledge when I was introduced to the new temp. 

2. I listened to a partial cover of one of my favorite songs. It was beautiful, and while I’m sure the artist didn’t do it just for me, it felt like it and made my day. I’m hoping to hear the full version soon.

3. Dr. John. Was introduced to his music tonight and he’s super cool. I’m liking it. There’s definitely a New Orleans voodoo vibe going on there.

5. Went to a concert with my sister. One of my other sisters was supposed to go and backed out at the last minute so I went. It was super fun, and as a bonus, I ran into a friend there. 

Now I’m decompressing, watching some mystery science theater 3000 and hoping I can fall asleep soon. It’s been a good day. 

Edit: this picture is too good not to share. Even the cat has commentary.

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