Day 59

My basic rule for life right now: don’t be an asshole. 

It’s harder than it sounds.

My daily reading hit right on what I was feeling this morning:

August 17 Daily Reflections


In many instances we shall find that though the harm done others has not been great, the emotional harm we have done ourselves has.


“Have you ever thought that the harm you did a business associate, or perhaps a family member, was so slight that it really didn’t deserve an apology because they probably wouldn’t remember it anyway? If that person, and the wrong done to him, keeps coming to mind, time and again, causing an uneasy or perhaps guilty feeling, then I put that person’s name at the top of my “amends list,” and become willing to make a sincere apology, knowing I will feel calm and relaxed about that person once this very important part of my recovery is accomplished.”

I did one of these today. I unintentionally blew off saying hi to someone standing in front of me last night and it bothered me. Still bothered me enough this morning to the point I texted them with an apology. And you know what? I felt better. That guy probably thinks I’m a nutcase but I don’t care, I feel like I righted the wrong I did. And other than my daily reading bringing it up I haven’t thought about it since. I’m attempting to not be an asshole, and when I am, I’m promptly admitting it. I feel like I’m on the right path.

1. Grillout for staff at my work. Not only do I get free food, but the grill is right under the air intake for my office, so I’ve been basking in the smell of cooking burgers all day. So I get to smell like food as well! Wins for everyone.

2. Got to eat with my sweet friend Marta. I’ve barely seen her this summer and it made me really happy to see her.

3. I heard the best new song earlier. But I can’t remember the title or the artist. Also, the new Killers song, The Man is pretty sweet. Brings me back to 2004, when they were super huge, and I had one of the best summers of my life. So I guess this one is more about the Killers. 

4. Walk and park with the kids…A rode her scooter and occasionally rode in the stroller as well. I’m going to have to make sure there is a playground near wherever I find a place. I like walking to them.

5. This: 

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