Day 57

It’s been a DAY. 

One of those days.

Spill your coffee all over your desk and paperwork at work and spill pickle juice all over your dress and the entire kitchen at home kind of day.

Someone in Pakistan tried to hack my Facebook. Yes. Facebook notified me that someone in Pakistan attempted to access my account. This is real. I’m not sure how I should feel about this. 

I found out that I might not get my divorce this week, and might have to wait up to another 7 weeks for it to go through.

My ex informed me he is withholding child support until the paperwork is signed by the judge. He’s not legally obligated right now so I understand but it sucks. 

In spite of all of this, it has not been a bad day. Sure, I cried a little when the court clerk told me it might be October before I can start to rebuild, I may have sworn at my ex in my head A LOT but I got over it fairly quickly and kept going. 

1. The coffee this morning was delicious.

2. Bored Panda on my breaks at work. Heh. 

3. My bestie Hannah came over for dinner. We grilled. She ate my cherry lime cake and adored it properly. It was wonderful.

4. Screwed around with A and the keyboard for 2 hours with Hannah. 

5. Hannah taught me cool tricks with the hula hoop. I feel so cool. Hahaha

At points in my life, I would let all the icky stuff that happened ruin my day. I would focus on it, form resentments, and be generally pissed all the time. Not today. I’m not going to let it happen. I had a good day, in spite of all that.

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