Day 56

Sometimes I feel like I’m counting off a prison sentence numbering my posts like this. I think about doing a different kind if title, but then I’ve been doing it for 56 days, why stop now?

Not every day can be the best day. Today hasn’t been the best, but it certainly hasn’t been the worst. Feeling sick again, and it’s putting me off what I really wanted for my night. But that’s ok. Sometimes I need to chill out and not do anything. On nights with no kids I tend to pack in all available activities and stay up late. Which I did all weekend, and I realized a couple hours ago I just wasn’t up for that again tonight.

So here I am, in the cool night air listening to crickets and frogs smoking a cigarette by myself and pondering my 5 points.

1. I brought a lunch to work. It was good. 

2. I listened to comedians battling each other to make each other laugh at dad jokes while I worked. So. Funny. My favorite: What did the buddhist ask for from the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything.

3. Piano lesson. So cool piano teacher turned into a slave driver with music theory, but I can deal with it. It’s a good thing, I’m being pushed past comfort zones and I’m not sure I can do what he’s asking. But I’m going to try.

4. Women’s meeting. Love it. It was on the 12th step. I’m kind of out of it so I don’t recall much but I was present.

5. Bone broth, herbal tea, and a movie. I’m watching Passengers. So far it’s sad, but good. 

Tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully one where I feel better. I have hope.

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