Day 53

Positivity! Yay!

Parenting has been trying today. J woke up at 5 am, and has been crabby and getting into everything she can get her little toddler hands on. I’m just two steps behind, which resulted in her spilling my full cup of coffee all over my sisters white carpet right before I had to leave for daycare and work. So I have to do a carpet cleaning. 

A has been really good of late, but is testing boundaries again. She got into my makeup tonight while I was chatting with my sister’s neighbor, then stole my phone and took duck lip pictures with my red lipstick on. 5 and a half, going on 16.

It was slow at work today, which was nice since we were hellishly busy for so long. I’m feeling better than yesterday, but now I’m exhausted and ready to call it in for the night. At 8:40 pm on a Friday. Dear God.

1. Morning coffee. I managed to drink some before it went all over everything, and it was delicious. And, I got to enjoy slightly more of it since I was up an hour earlier than normal.

2. New underwear! I ordered some online and they came today. Having lost weight recently I had to get new stuff that fit better. I am happy about this, even if it’s just me that sees it.

3. A healthy lunch. Tacos almost won, but I decided to play the long game and went to the grocery at lunch so I could get taco fixings for dinner. I had hummus and carrots and grapes for lunch. And it tasted so good. It was garlic basil tomato hummus. Absolutely what I was craving.

4. Tacos for dinner! (My life revolves around food) Now, my kid only likes taco fillings on tortilla chips, so that’s what we had. Basically nachos. But still delicious. 

5. New friend with the neighbor. I like her. And she offered to babysit! Found out some things I really don’t like about some of the other kids A has been playing with though. Really scary stuff about the 5 year old who is highly medicated drawing disturbing pictures about him killing his parents and neighbors. We are staying next door to this kid, by the way. This happened tonight before I went over to talk to her. So, a mixed positivity. Being cool with your neighbors is always a good thing. You gotta stick together. And hopefully that kid gets some help. 

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