Day 54

Yesterday was a delicious blur. Once I got past the parenting part where I was two steps behind anyway.

1. Clean carpets. I shampooed the carpets to remove the stains my offspring left on them. Sadly many of the stains remain, but it’s much cleaner and smells pretty.

2. Live music. Went to a thing in downtown and heard some bands. There was food I could eat (!!) and my friends. Only one band was terrible, and it was bad enough some of my friends left and went elsewhere but the one after it was killer and completely worth staying for. 

3. Delicious deli food. Went to Whole Foods and ate off the hot bar. They never disappoint me.

4. Went to my first art gallery…it was beautiful. I didn’t understand one of the artist’s works, but the other one there has such beautiful paintings. I could have stared for hours.

5. Mini golf and a Ferris wheel. It was not the typical amusement park, and it was super fun. I got a picture of a spider. Such a fun day/night.

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