Day 51

Today I haven’t felt well, I’ve been feverish, achy and overly tired. It was difficult to work, since I just wanted to lie down, but I made it through. I’m hoping I’m just fighting something off, and tomorrow I’ll be back to my usual bouncy self.

1. Gypsy tea. I’m not huge on tea most of the time, but when I’m feeling sick I like a good cup. I got this gypsy cold care tea a while back, and had brought a few bags to work and it was really good to have it when I needed it. I’m not sure how much of it is the healing power of herbs versus thinking myself better but it helped either way.

2. Tacos for lunch! I’m still not sick of them. I’ve had them once a week for 5 weeks or so and they are still just as amazing as the day I first tried them. 

3. I heard some new songs today, or rather, new to me songs. I liked it.

4. Watching A do her gymnastics. Tonight was her last night of it, but dance will be starting soon and I know she’ll love it.

5. Quiet summer night, the girls playing outside while I sit on the step and enjoy the warm night. I love summer, and so far this has been one of my best. The hard parts earlier just made the good parts shine brighter and mean more.

Life is good today.

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