Day 49

Rule #4 of parenting: keep them busy. In my world it only works when I have them outside. So what to do when it rains?

Generally, I hide and cry. But today I did a bang up job of keeping them moderately busy while accomplishing dinner. That includes the dishes, for your information. (Half the time I can’t seem to get them done after dinner as the toddler tries to unload while I’m loading or climb into the dishwasher persistently. Plus, knives near small scary hands)

It’s been a good, but exhausting day thus far.

1. I slept in til 7. A rare thing when my tiny terrorists are here. 

2. Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I might have eaten one before child #2 got a hold of the plate and shredded the whole lot on the floor. I blame not having drunk enough coffee for leaving them where she could reach.

3. County fair. It was hazy and kind of sunny when we left. Saw all the animals, found GLUTEN FREE FAIR FOOD! I ate fried pickles for the first time since I started this diet. We’d made it to the gardens when some kind woman pointed out that #2 was missing her sandal. We backtracked halfway back to where we’d started and found it. Which also put us closer to the car and that was good because it started to rain. And it poured. We got soaked, and went home and snuggled in warm dry clothes.

4. Delicious delicious food. My sister invited mom over for dinner. I made rosemary dill salmon for us, dill cod for the kids with lemon garlic green beans and chopped sweet potatoes on the grill. I meant to make a peach pie too but I didn’t have the time. Never fear, I will make that happen later tonight or tomorrow! 

5. Nice quiet night. Right now, anyway. #1 got pretty squirrelly half an hour ago so my sister took her to the store. #2 will be going down shortly, and then I’ll paint #1’s toes and watch movies before she goes to bed. 

Here’s a picture of a Barbie #1 took when she stole my phone earlier. Enjoy.

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