Day 48

I had two good days in a row. Well, yesterday started rough, works been ultra busy and stressful. But after work I went out and had a good night. I ate some delicious African food, then walked down by the river. 

I need to go back to Al Anon. (For anyone who doesn’t know, those are meetings for family or friends of alcoholics to help navigate life) A situation arose last night that put me in a place where I think I need guidance from others on how to set appropriate boundaries. When is it okay to drop what you’re doing to help when there might be others better placed to assist in the situation? What should I have said in the situation to enforce boundaries that I haven’t set? 

Today has been a really fun excellent day. Some meltdowns occurred, but being aware of the things that lead up to my daughter’s behavior issues helped diffuse a potentially bad meltdown and went a long way towards making me feel like an effective parent.

1. Gorillaz Humanz album. I got it last week, and got to hear the whole thing in the car this morning. There are some really good tracks on it. It reminds me of  90s dance music on some of the tracks. Track 7 (I don’t recall the name of the song) is my favorite. I think I repeated it about 5 times singing along to it.

2. Food trucks! We went to a music festival out in the country and I ate two foot long hot dogs with no buns. I got a lot of looks but honey badger don’t give a shit. They were delicious. 

3. Got to hang out with two of my girl friends at the festival, and saw lots of people I know and are making friends with. One of the people I saw talked me into bringing my kids somewhere tomorrow I wouldn’t have brought them to ordinarily and I think it’ll be fun. More on that tomorrow. 

4. The music. I got to listen to 1.5 artists before a potential meltdown caused me to run from it, but it was so good. I missed hearing an band I wanted to hear but it’s ok. I got a hug from one of my absolute favorite artists. My day= made

5. Attempting to put together a solar powered windmill with A. Doing something with my kid? Awesome. I got as far as putting together the gear box and solar panel but got frustrated with connecting them so I put it away and will have another go at it tomorrow. On one hand I’m super proud of myself but on the other hand…the kit was made for children. So I’m a little torn on how much back patting I should actually do.

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