Day 47

I’ve had some nice compliments over the last day since I posted.

A woman I work with posted a picture of Lady gaga on my Facebook timeline and said I look just like her. I thought that was sweet and I may need to invest in a sparkly leotard and boots now. 

I got a ride to work from the courtesy service at the repair shop I brought my car to this morning from an elderly gentleman. It’s been raining all day, and he asked me if I’d brought an umbrella, which OF COURSE is in my car. I told him that, and he said, “but doesn’t sugar melt in water?” I laughed, it was sweet.

I got a text message from someone who said, “you’re amazing and you’re doing a fantastic job”. I’m not sure what I’m doing a fantastic job at, but I like it. It gave me warm fuzzies.

No big list for this day, the compliments were enough. 🙂

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