Day 45

I bought the new Future Islands CD, and right now I’m sitting in my car, enjoying a cigarette while listening on a break at work.

I feel like a lot of their songs are similar. But there is a passion and beauty to their music that captures me. I’m 7 tracks in, and I haven’t heard anything I don’t like or even love. 

My soon to be ex father in law is dying. I’m really upset about that, but on a positive note, I was allowed to go see him and make peace with him tonight. I was very close to my in laws, and it was devastating to me to lose them when I left my ex. Understandable, but still devastating. It was truly good to be able to see him one last time and hold his hand for a few minutes.

1. Future Islands, all day. Mostly. Haha. So I got this CD as a joke last week, called fairy heart magic, by some Celtic singer. It sounds like music you’d hear on a really bad fantasy movie. But my daughter loves it (of course). It warms the cockles of my twisted heart to let her listen to music she likes, even if it’s not my thing. And it cracks me up, the jokes on me.

2. Cake for dinner. I’m terrible. But it was available (already in my car…I know, don’t judge me) when I was rushing after work to pick up kids and get to gymnastics and then to the hospital. It was delicious and I liked it.

3. Getting to say goodbye to a man who was like a father to me for over a decade. I will truly miss him. I wasn’t sure I’d have the opportunity so I’m truly grateful for it.

4. Hula hooping again! I can (kind of) do dance moves while hooping now. And I worked off some of that cake…

5. Sitting outside with my sister enjoying the evening while listening to a gigantic toad rustling through the bushes. My sister claims it’s a toad of massive proportion. I have to take her word on it because it disappeared as soon as I came out. Also my kitten is trying to climb the glass window to get a better look outside.  Never a dull moment!

A bittersweet day, but positive nonetheless. 

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