Day 44

I was to my residence late yet again last night so I missed again. I’m not doing very well at daily right now.

I did have an AMAAAAZING weekend though. Chill, yet nice surprises tucked in. I love surprises. ❤

1. Beach. I beached it twice in two days, with my lovely friend. We manage to have meaningful conversations mixed with talking about love, or nothing at all really. I feel like those are the things good friendships are built from.

2. Kickball at the park. I only made it one game as I had a horrific headache but it was exercise and it was fun. I’m making more friends when I show up and anything I do where I can be social is a positive thing. 

3. Brunch with my friend. I hadn’t seen her in a couple months, and I feel almost like we’ve swapped places in life. It’s an odd feeling, since we were where we were for so long and now we seem to both be on the opposite sides. I love her to pieces, and she’s always a good time so I’m glad we met up

4. Food. Ate some amazing wings, then (surprise) ended up at a friend’s place where dinner was cooked for me and a couple others. It was tasty.

5. Star wars! Got to watch a couple movies that I hadn’t seen in awhile. I could watch them over and over. 

I’m down by the river right now, killing some time before yoga with a friend. I haven’t been to this spot in years, it used to be my spot a long time ago. There’s lots of other people here right now, hanging out on the cliffs just looking at the water and talking or enjoying the view. In spite of the people it still feels serene. 

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