Day 43

Yes, I skipped a day again. The positive parts of yesterday were for me. Someday, maybe I’ll share but for now, it’s mine.

A different part of yesterday did not go as planned. I will not be able to look for housing for another two weeks. Unexpected outcomes seem to be frequent with me, so I’m telling myself that God has a plan, and it makes it easier

Today on the other hand, has been wonderful from top to bottom. 

1. Paleo pancakes and bacon with my girls. Who were both magically well behaved as well.

2. More hula hooping. I’m getting better at it. Someday I’ll learn tricks!

3. Beach day with my friend. Got super sunburned, and I’ll be tan and lovely in a few days. I love hanging out with her. 

4. Vegan food. I’m a meat eater, but I usually can find food I can eat at places that serve vegan. This place was full on vegan and sadly most of their menu had soy but I was able to eat some delicious falafels and chili. I’m full and it was healthy food so I can feel good about it.

5. Chill night. I haven’t done that on a Saturday without kids in forever, but there wasn’t much going on and I am tired from beaching and hooping and I’m looking forward to lying around like a bum and watching some television. I have no books left to read now! It feels strange.

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